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Decrease Water Heater Energy Usage

Water heaters are an out of sight, out of mind appliance. Luckily they are usually manufactured to be so. Even with hot water heaters at this time available being well created with energy proficiency in mind, there are important things house owners are able to do to extend ones water heating energy costs even further.

Where to Lower Ones Woodlands Water Heating Costs

Verify the Thermostat Temperature SettingThe Woodlands Water Heating Cost Savings

If you haven’t seen the temperature level the hot water heater is fixed at, now could be a good time to do so. The manufacturer setting is commonly about 140 degrees. Most house owners don’t require it to be fixed that high except if there are actually certain health considerations one has. There is more info on water heater temperature settings right here. Even changing down the temperature by 10°F can help reduce energy costs by around $6 per month. The regular property owner doesn’t have to set the water heater beyond 120°, so give some thought to turning yours lower in case it is.

Decrease Hot Water Usage

Listed below are some thoughts in order to cut down the hot water usage at home without having a great deal of effect on how one lives.
Wash the majority of clothes in the washing machine in cold water: A good number of laundry detergents are developed for cold water use now so take full advantage of them.
Take showers instead of baths. Normally, baths make use of 12-15 gallons of water, while showers generally only take 5-9 gallons.
If remodeling or changing sink faucets, install dual handle faucets. Single handle faucet make use of a little hot water when it is not needed. Even when the handle is pushed straight up can cause hot water to be utilized. Single handle faucets can certainly help eradicate the usage of hot water any time it is not needed.

Mend any water drips or leaks. We will not enter into detail in this article, still, actually a small drip can calculate into a substantial quantity of water over the length of a month! Make certain to have any sort of faucet drip fixed as quickly as possible.

Adding Insulation to the Water Heater

It is good to insulate the water heater and the hot water plumbing. Insulated covers can be bought to wrap the storage tank which keeps the stored warmed water hot. New water heaters are created with exceptional built-in insulation of the water storage tank, yet every small amount can certainly help, especially if the water heater is situated within a non-heated section of the residence, like a garage. All hot water pipes exiting the water heater need to be wrapped in pipe insulation too. This is particularly important for pipes that run through a garage, crawl space, or other area not heated.

Flush the Water Heater Regularly

Property owners have to make sure they’re accomplishing a little normal upkeep on the water heater to make certain it runs as smoothly as possible. This helps to save on energy consumption and prolong the life of the hot water heater. Through flushing the storage tank and inspecting the anode rod goes a long way in undertaking this.

Install a More Efficient Water Heater

If it is time to get a new water heater, get one which is as energy efficient as you are able to acquire. Over the long haul it will absolutely pay off!

If you have any issues on a Woodlands water heater repair or if you are not sure whether it is getting close to needing a new water heater, do not be reluctant to let us know.

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Water Heater T&P Valve Test

What Causes a Hot Water Tank to Explode

When it comes to having to perform upkeep on ones water heater, it is a comparatively low maintenance appliance. Even so, one critical component of it really should be checked out regularly. Water Heater Repair The Woodlands TX would like to pass on this safety information concerning ones water heater today.

Too much temperature if coupled with tank corrosion inside of the storage tank can lead to an explosion. Any time the water temperature is below 212 degrees Fahrenheit, one will be safe from an explosion, though there is a threat of scalding at that temperature. However, if the water temperature is above 212 degrees, water transforms into steam, which will enlarge to 1,700 times the space it occupies as water. This is when an explosion can also occur.

Warning Signs of a Water Heater Explosion
The leading sign is if one goes to get hot water from a faucet and only steam comes out. Immediately shut off electric power if one possesses an electric water heater. If one owns a gas hot water heater, turn off the gas valve on the water heater. Next, get in touch with us to come assess the situation.

Minimizing Potential Water Heater Dangers
The most crucial maintenance endeavor having a water heater is to check the pressure relief valve, referred to as the T&P valve, on a usual schedule. This valve helps control the pressure accumulation inside the water storage tank to prevent a hazardous rise in temperature and overpressure.

Remember, the water release from a T&P valve may be very hot. If you do not feel safe testing the valve contact us. Also, performing any sort of repairs to the valve should be executed by a experienced plumbing repair company.

How to Test the T&P Valve

Clear the place close to the overflow pipe and floor drain.
Lift up the test handle for around 5 seconds or until the water runs clean.
Let go of the handle.
If the T&P valve keeps on running with water, lift the handle up and down rapidly to get it to reseat itself. One might have to do so a several times. IF it has not been tested for a while, it might be difficult to raise it at first. Avoid using excessive force, although might need to utilize just a little.
If the T&P valve remains leaking, it should be replaced.

Some other points to look for are deterioration on the stem of the valve. If there is any water dripping from the valve stem or from the drain valve.

Water Heater Maintenance Infographic


The Woodlands Water Heater Maintenance

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Water Heater T&P Valve Repair Katy TX

What the Experts Say

  • The discharge from a T&P valve can be very hot. It is very important that all T&P valves be installed properly with a discharge line piped downward to an adequate drain to avoid property damage and to minimize possible human contact.
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Watts Water Technologies

If the temperature in your heater remains high after you turn down the thermostat, the thermostat may be faulty. Consult a professional for repair. Read more…

Home Guides

Pressure relief valves sometime develop a drip when opened for the first time in years. Try opening and closing it a few times to see if it will seat itself. If you have a large leak or the drip doesn’t stop on its own in a day or two, the valve will need to be replaced.  Read more…

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For many years, our company has been helping take care of hot water heater repairs in The Woodlands. We are a family-owned and operated business, and pleased that client care is of the highest importance to us. Our goal is to supply fast, cost effective and trusted water heater repair services, specifically in emergency situation situations! The Woodlands is our home also, and thus we are extremely pleased of the outstanding reputation we have developed over the years.

We understand how crucial it is to offer cost effective repair charges and we aim to offer the very best priced repair and water heater maintenance services to our customers. We enjoy educating our customers and writing concerning the value of preventative steps house owners should take with their water heaters to help in reducing the need for lots of repairs and for also prolong the life of ones water heater. It can be a harmful scenario if one delays caring for a hot water heater trouble, not to mention an irritating and expensive error too.

We are competent in new hot water heater installations and replacements, including gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, and solar water heaters. While thinking about a water heater replacement, we will offer suggestions over the ideal type thinking about what exactly the water consumption is for ones residence. One will discover numerous energy efficient types now which will save people money on a yearly basis.

If you are searching for an honest, reputable, respectful and budget-friendly plumbing technician, we’d love for us to be your very first call. By choosing Water Heater Repair The Woodlands for your residential and commercial plumbing services, you will receive the best service possible.
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